Best Student Paper

Distributed Self Assembly of Cantilevers by Force-Aware Robots (Award)Edward Bray, Roderich Gross
BotNet: A Simulator for
Studying the Effects of Accurate Communication Models on Multi Agent and Swarm Control
Mark Selden, Jason Zhou, Felipe Campos, Nathan Lambert, Daniel S. Drew, Kristofer S. J. Pister
Decentralized Multi-Agent Strategy Synthesis under LTLf Specifications Via Exchange of Least-Limiting AdvisersGeorg Friedrich Schuppe, Jana Tumova

Best Paper

Learning Robot Swarm Tactics Over Complex Adversarial Environments (Award)Amir Behjat, Hemanth Manjunatha, Prajit Krisshna Kumar, Apurv Jani, Leighton Collins, Payam Ghassemi, Joseph Distefano, David Doermann, Karthik Dantu, Ehsan Esfahani, Souma Chowdhury
Local Advantage Actor-Critic for Robust Multi Agent Deep Reinforcement LearningYuchen Xiao, Xueguang Lyu, Christopher Amato
Role Discovery in Observed Multi-Agent Systems Over Time through Matrix FactorizationBrian Reily, Michael Don, John G. Rogers III, Christopher M. Reardon